IDEAS project
IDEAS is a project funded by the European Commission under FP7 Theme 4 NMP
IDEAS Project
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Running projects:

GRACE Integration of Process and Quality Control Using Multi-agent Technology

FRAME Fast Rump-up and Adaptive Manufacturing

MINAM 2.0 Micro- and Nano Manufacturing

Self-Learning Reliable Self-learning Production Systems Based on Context Aware Services

HARCO Hierarchial and Adaptive Smart Somponents for Precision Production Systems Application

DYNXPERTS Plug and Produce Components for Optimum Dynamic Performance Manufacturing Systems

AIMACS Advanced Intelligent Machine Adaptive Control Systems

PoPJIM Plug and Produce Join Interface Modules

Completed projects:

EUPASS Evolvable Ultra Precision Assembly Systems

microSapient Synergetic Process Integration for Efficient Micro and Nano Manufacture

MINAM Micro and Nano Manufacturing Platform

Masmicro Integration of Manufacturing Systems for Mass-Manufacture of Miniature/Micro-Products

IPMMAN Improvement of Industrial Production Integrating Macro-, Micro- and Nanotechnologies for More Flexible and Efficient Manufacturing

4M Multi-Material Micro Manufacture:Technologies and Applications

AFFIX Aligning, Holding and Fixing Flexible and Difficult to Handle Components

E-race E-Space for Design of Reconfigurable Assembly Cells

IPROMS Innovative Production Machines and Systems

XPRESS Flexible Production Experts for Reconfigurable Assembly Technology